2019 : Portugal's River of Gold - Lisbon to Porto
From $3,099.00 (USD)

Destination: Europe
Ship: Viking Osfrid
Enjoy the Douro's beauty & historyExperience the renaissance of Lisbon, newly invigorated with trending galleries and restaurants.
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2019 : Portugal's River of Gold - Lisbon to Porto

Enjoy the Douro's beauty & history

Experience the renaissance of Lisbon, newly invigorated with trending galleries and restaurants. Explore two of Iberia's oldest university towns: Coimbra, Portugal and Salamanca, Spain. Roam the port warehouses of Porto. Enjoy traditional cuisine, wine and fado singing. Cruise the Douro River Valley, the world's oldest demarcated wine region and a UNESCO Site. Our 10-day cruisetour includes a hotel stay in Lisbon and the added bonus of a visit to Spain.

Day By Day

Day 1 - Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon boasts the Jerónimos Monastery and Belem Tower, stunning works that introduced Manueline architecture to the world.

Day 2 - Lisbon, Portugal

The labyrinthine streets of Lisbon's Arab-flavored Alfama District carry echoes of 16th-century navigators who sailed in the Age of Discovery.

Day 3 - Porto, Portugal

Porto is known not only for its wine, but also for a heritage that combines ancient churches and monuments. Visitors to Bitetos can explore sections that used to be a prosperous Roman village.

Day 4 - Porto, Portugal

Portugal's second largest city, Porto lends its name to the nation's port wine.

Day 5 - Regua, Portugal

The peaceful town of Peso da Regua, commonly known as Regua, overlooks the Douro River with the Serra do Marao mountains at its rear.

Day 6 - Barca d'Alva, Portugal

This tranquil town is shadowed by mountains and surrounded by miles of gorgeous countryside filled with vineyards and orchards.

Day 7 - Salamanca, Spain

Vega de Terrón serves as a Douro River gateway to the fascinating Spanish city of Salamanca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 8 - Pinhao, Portugal

The sleepy town of Pinhao is situated at the epicenter of the valley's port wine-making. The biggest names in port have wine estates nearby, thanks to the region's perfect growing conditions for port grapes.

Day 9 - Regua, Portugal

The peaceful town of Peso da Regua, commonly known as Regua, overlooks the Douro River with the Serra do Marao mountains at its rear.

Day 10 - Porto, Portugal

Like Lisbon, Porto has a rich past; its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of narrow cobblestone streets brimming with romantic buildings spanning the centuries.

Viking Inclusive Value

Your included features and services:

  • 8 included shore excursions with local guide & headset
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary beer, wine & soft drinks with onboard lunch & dinner
  • 24/7 specialty coffees, teas & bottled water
  • All port taxes and fees
  • Airport transfers on date of embarkation/disembarkation with Viking Air program

    Your experience:

  • 10-day cruisetour (8-day cruise); 2 countries, 6 ports & 3 additional cities by land; 2 nights at the Hotel Tivoli Lisboa (or similar)
  • Visit 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Culture Curriculum: sample some local port wines; enjoy a folkloric music performance; learn about wine-making traditions & Portuguese history; attend a flamenco show
  • Meals on board & ashore: 9 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 7 dinners
  • Onboard meals featuring regional specialties & always available American classics
  • Welcome Cocktail Reception & Farewell Dinner
  • Organic herb garden
  • 24/7 Guest Services for special requests

    Your stateroom:

  • Riverview stateroom
  • Room steward & twice daily housekeeping service
  • Hotel-style bed with optional twin-bed configuration; luxury linens & pillows
  • 40" flat-screen LCD TV & complimentary Movies on Demand
  • Refrigerator, security safe, hair dryer
  • 110/220 volt outlets
  • Heated bathroom floor & anti-fog mirrors
  • Glass-enclosed shower
  • Premium Freyja toiletries, bathrobe & slippers (upon request)
  • Call 8778961668 for more information or to book today! Mention code 13764179
    Cruise LineViking River Cruises
    OfferOffer valid through 3/31/2018
    10 Days
    Cruise Ship
    Viking Osfrid
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    Day 1Lisbon  
    Day 2Lisbon  
    Day 3Porto  
    Day 4Porto  
    Day 5Regua  
    Day 6Barca d'Alva  
    Day 7Salamanca  
    Day 8Pinhao  
    Day 9Regua  
    Day 10Porto  

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    March 24, 2019Category F$3,499.00 (USD)Quote
    March 24, 2019Category E$3,549.00 (USD)Quote
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    March 24, 2019Category B$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
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    March 31, 2019Category F$3,499.00 (USD)Quote
    March 31, 2019Category E$3,549.00 (USD)Quote
    March 31, 2019Category C$4,199.00 (USD)Quote
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    April 07, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    April 07, 2019Category F - Sold Out Quote
    April 07, 2019Category E$3,549.00 (USD)Quote
    April 07, 2019Category B$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
    April 07, 2019Category A$4,499.00 (USD)Quote
    April 07, 2019Category AB$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
    April 07, 2019Category AA$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
    April 14, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    April 14, 2019Category F$3,499.00 (USD)Quote
    April 14, 2019Category E$3,549.00 (USD)Quote
    April 14, 2019Category C$4,199.00 (USD)Quote
    April 14, 2019Category B$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
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    April 14, 2019Category AB$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
    April 14, 2019Category AA$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
    April 21, 2019Category C - Sold Out Quote
    April 21, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    April 21, 2019Category F$3,499.00 (USD)Quote
    April 21, 2019Category E$3,549.00 (USD)Quote
    April 21, 2019Category B$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
    April 21, 2019Category A$4,499.00 (USD)Quote
    April 21, 2019Category AB$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
    April 21, 2019Category AA$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
    April 28, 2019Category B - Sold Out Quote
    April 28, 2019Category C - Sold Out Quote
    April 28, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    April 28, 2019Category F$3,499.00 (USD)Quote
    April 28, 2019Category E$3,549.00 (USD)Quote
    April 28, 2019Category A$4,499.00 (USD)Quote
    April 28, 2019Category AB$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
    April 28, 2019Category AA$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category F$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category E$4,449.00 (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category D$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category C$5,299.00 (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category B$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category A$5,599.00 (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category AB$6,499.00 (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category AA$6,849.00 (USD)Quote
    May 12, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    May 12, 2019Category F$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
    May 12, 2019Category E$4,449.00 (USD)Quote
    May 12, 2019Category C$5,299.00 (USD)Quote
    May 12, 2019Category B$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
    May 12, 2019Category A$5,599.00 (USD)Quote
    May 12, 2019Category AB$6,499.00 (USD)Quote
    May 12, 2019Category AA$6,849.00 (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category F$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category E$4,449.00 (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category D$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category C$5,299.00 (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category B$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category A$5,599.00 (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category AB$6,499.00 (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category AA$6,849.00 (USD)Quote
    May 26, 2019Category C - Sold Out Quote
    May 26, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    May 26, 2019Category F$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
    May 26, 2019Category E$4,449.00 (USD)Quote
    May 26, 2019Category B$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
    May 26, 2019Category A$5,599.00 (USD)Quote
    May 26, 2019Category AB$6,499.00 (USD)Quote
    May 26, 2019Category AA$6,849.00 (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    June 02, 2019Category F$4,199.00 (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category E$4,249.00 (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category C$5,099.00 (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category B$5,199.00 (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category A$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category AB$6,299.00 (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category AA$6,649.00 (USD)Quote
    June 09, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    June 09, 2019Category F$4,199.00 (USD)Quote
    June 09, 2019Category E$4,249.00 (USD)Quote
    June 09, 2019Category C$5,099.00 (USD)Quote
    June 09, 2019Category B$5,199.00 (USD)Quote
    June 09, 2019Category A$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
    June 09, 2019Category AB$6,299.00 (USD)Quote
    June 09, 2019Category AA$6,649.00 (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category F$4,199.00 (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category E$4,249.00 (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category D$4,749.00 (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category C$5,099.00 (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category B$5,199.00 (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category A$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category AB$6,299.00 (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category AA$6,649.00 (USD)Quote
    June 23, 2019Category F$4,199.00 (USD)Quote
    June 23, 2019Category E$4,249.00 (USD)Quote
    June 23, 2019Category D$4,749.00 (USD)Quote
    June 23, 2019Category C$5,099.00 (USD)Quote
    June 23, 2019Category B$5,199.00 (USD)Quote
    June 23, 2019Category A$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
    June 23, 2019Category AB$6,299.00 (USD)Quote
    June 23, 2019Category AA$6,649.00 (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category F$4,199.00 (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category E$4,249.00 (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category D$4,749.00 (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category C$5,099.00 (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category B$5,199.00 (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category A$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category AB$6,299.00 (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category AA$6,649.00 (USD)Quote
    July 07, 2019Category F$3,999.00 (USD)Quote
    July 07, 2019Category E$4,049.00 (USD)Quote
    July 07, 2019Category D$4,549.00 (USD)Quote
    July 07, 2019Category C$4,899.00 (USD)Quote
    July 07, 2019Category B$4,999.00 (USD)Quote
    July 07, 2019Category A$5,199.00 (USD)Quote
    July 07, 2019Category AB$6,099.00 (USD)Quote
    July 07, 2019Category AA$6,449.00 (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category F$3,999.00 (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category E$4,049.00 (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category D$4,549.00 (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category C$4,899.00 (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category B$4,999.00 (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category A$5,199.00 (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category AB$6,099.00 (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category AA$6,449.00 (USD)Quote
    July 21, 2019Category F$3,999.00 (USD)Quote
    July 21, 2019Category E$4,049.00 (USD)Quote
    July 21, 2019Category D$4,549.00 (USD)Quote
    July 21, 2019Category C$4,899.00 (USD)Quote
    July 21, 2019Category B$4,999.00 (USD)Quote
    July 21, 2019Category A$5,199.00 (USD)Quote
    July 21, 2019Category AB$6,099.00 (USD)Quote
    July 21, 2019Category AA$6,449.00 (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category F$3,999.00 (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category E$4,049.00 (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category D$4,549.00 (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category C$4,899.00 (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category B$4,999.00 (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category A$5,199.00 (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category AB$6,099.00 (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category AA$6,449.00 (USD)Quote
    August 04, 2019Category F$4,099.00 (USD)Quote
    August 04, 2019Category E$4,149.00 (USD)Quote
    August 04, 2019Category D$4,649.00 (USD)Quote
    August 04, 2019Category C$4,999.00 (USD)Quote
    August 04, 2019Category B$5,099.00 (USD)Quote
    August 04, 2019Category A$5,299.00 (USD)Quote
    August 04, 2019Category AB$6,199.00 (USD)Quote
    August 04, 2019Category AA$6,549.00 (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category F$4,099.00 (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category E$4,149.00 (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category D$4,649.00 (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category C$4,999.00 (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category B$5,099.00 (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category A$5,299.00 (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category AB$6,199.00 (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category AA$6,549.00 (USD)Quote
    August 18, 2019Category F$4,099.00 (USD)Quote
    August 18, 2019Category E$4,149.00 (USD)Quote
    August 18, 2019Category D$4,649.00 (USD)Quote
    August 18, 2019Category C$4,999.00 (USD)Quote
    August 18, 2019Category B$5,099.00 (USD)Quote
    August 18, 2019Category A$5,299.00 (USD)Quote
    August 18, 2019Category AB$6,199.00 (USD)Quote
    August 18, 2019Category AA$6,549.00 (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category F$4,099.00 (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category E$4,149.00 (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category D$4,649.00 (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category C$4,999.00 (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category B$5,099.00 (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category A$5,299.00 (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category AB$6,199.00 (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category AA$6,549.00 (USD)Quote
    September 01, 2019Category F$4,649.00 (USD)Quote
    September 01, 2019Category E$4,699.00 (USD)Quote
    September 01, 2019Category D$5,199.00 (USD)Quote
    September 01, 2019Category C$5,549.00 (USD)Quote
    September 01, 2019Category B$5,649.00 (USD)Quote
    September 01, 2019Category A$5,849.00 (USD)Quote
    September 01, 2019Category AB$6,749.00 (USD)Quote
    September 01, 2019Category AA$7,099.00 (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category F$4,649.00 (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category E$4,699.00 (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category D$5,199.00 (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category C$5,549.00 (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category B$5,649.00 (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category A$5,849.00 (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category AB$6,749.00 (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category AA$7,099.00 (USD)Quote
    September 15, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    September 15, 2019Category F$4,649.00 (USD)Quote
    September 15, 2019Category E$4,699.00 (USD)Quote
    September 15, 2019Category C$5,549.00 (USD)Quote
    September 15, 2019Category B$5,649.00 (USD)Quote
    September 15, 2019Category A$5,849.00 (USD)Quote
    September 15, 2019Category AB$6,749.00 (USD)Quote
    September 15, 2019Category AA$7,099.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category F$4,649.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category E$4,699.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category D$5,199.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category C$5,549.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category B$5,649.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category A$5,849.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category AB$6,749.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category AA$7,099.00 (USD)Quote
    September 29, 2019Category F$4,649.00 (USD)Quote
    September 29, 2019Category E$4,699.00 (USD)Quote
    September 29, 2019Category D$5,199.00 (USD)Quote
    September 29, 2019Category C$5,549.00 (USD)Quote
    September 29, 2019Category B$5,649.00 (USD)Quote
    September 29, 2019Category A$5,849.00 (USD)Quote
    September 29, 2019Category AB$6,749.00 (USD)Quote
    September 29, 2019Category AA$7,099.00 (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category C - Sold Out Quote
    October 06, 2019Category F$3,899.00 (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category E$3,949.00 (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category D$4,449.00 (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category B$4,899.00 (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category A$5,099.00 (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category AB$5,999.00 (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category AA$6,349.00 (USD)Quote
    October 13, 2019Category D - Sold Out Quote
    October 13, 2019Category F$3,899.00 (USD)Quote
    October 13, 2019Category E$3,949.00 (USD)Quote
    October 13, 2019Category C$4,799.00 (USD)Quote
    October 13, 2019Category B$4,899.00 (USD)Quote
    October 13, 2019Category A$5,099.00 (USD)Quote
    October 13, 2019Category AB$5,999.00 (USD)Quote
    October 13, 2019Category AA$6,349.00 (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category F$3,899.00 (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category E$3,949.00 (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category D$4,449.00 (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category C$4,799.00 (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category B$4,899.00 (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category A$5,099.00 (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category AB$5,999.00 (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category AA$6,349.00 (USD)Quote
    October 27, 2019Category F$3,899.00 (USD)Quote
    October 27, 2019Category E$3,949.00 (USD)Quote
    October 27, 2019Category D$4,449.00 (USD)Quote
    October 27, 2019Category C$4,799.00 (USD)Quote
    October 27, 2019Category B$4,899.00 (USD)Quote
    October 27, 2019Category A$5,099.00 (USD)Quote
    October 27, 2019Category AB$5,999.00 (USD)Quote
    October 27, 2019Category AA$6,349.00 (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category C - Sold Out Quote
    November 03, 2019Category F$3,099.00 (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category E$3,149.00 (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category D$3,449.00 (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category B$3,899.00 (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category A$4,099.00 (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category AB$4,999.00 (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category AA$5,249.00 (USD)Quote
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