2025 : Elegant Elbe : Berlin to Prague
From $3,799.00 (USD)

Destination: Europe
Ship: Viking Beyla
Journey to Berlin, Dresden & PragueDiscover Berlin's modern chic, Potsdam's rococo whimsy and Prague's Gothic exuberance.
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2025 : Elegant Elbe : Berlin to Prague

Journey to Berlin, Dresden & Prague

Discover Berlin's modern chic, Potsdam's rococo whimsy and Prague's Gothic exuberance. Walk in Martin Luther's footsteps in Wittenberg, birthplace of the Protestant Reformation. Admire delicate Meissen porcelain. Celebrate Dresden, a phoenix risen from the ashes of war. View Saxon Switzerland's monoliths. See the Elbe Biosphere Reserve. The Elbe is one of Europe's most unspoiled rivers and it awaits you-from Berlin to Prague-on our 10-day cruisetour.

Viking Inclusive Value


  • One complimentary shore excursion in every port of call
  • Free Wi-Fi (connection speed may vary)
  • Beer, wine & soft drinks with onboard lunch & dinner
  • 24-hour specialty coffees, teas & bottled water
  • Port taxes & fees
  • Ground transfers with Viking Air purchase
  • Visits to UNESCO Sites
  • Enrichment lectures & Destination Performances


  • Outside staterooms with river view
  • Bottled water replenished daily
  • Voltage: 220V & 110V (US outlet), plus USB ports
  • Queen-size Viking Explorer Bed with optional twin-bed configuration
  • All Upper & Middle Deck staterooms have a full veranda or French balcony (a floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door)
  • Private bathroom with shower; heated floor & anti-fog mirror; premium Freyja toiletries; robes & slippers (upon request)
  • 40" or 42" flat-screen Sony TV with infotainment system featuring Movies On Demand, plus CNBC, CNN, FOX & more
  • Telephone, safe, refrigerator, hair dryer & individual climate control
  • * All amenities on board Viking Longships; amenities vary on other ships.

    Day By Day

    Day 1 : Berlin, Germany

    Germany's vibrant capital, Berlin, lies on the flatlands at the confluence of several rivers and lakes.

    Day 2 : Berlin, Germany

    Germany's capital has been reunified and undergone a remarkable rebirth as a center of art, culture and great architecture.

    Day 3 : Wittenberg, Germany

    Birthplace of the Protestant Reformation, Wittenberg is encircled by a ring of public parks symbolizing the fortifications of ancient times.

    Day 4 : Wittenberg, Germany

    Wittenberg's Old Town was spared destruction during World War II, so its charming houses remain as they have for centuries.

    Day 5 : Meissen, Germany

    Surrounded by wine villages, set at a rocky outcropping, Meissen dates back more than a millennium.

    Day 6 : Dresden, Germany

    Known as the 'Florence on the Elbe,' Dresden is awash in artistic treasures and baroque splendor.

    Day 7 : Saxon Switzerland, Germany

    Near Bad Schandau, the majestic Bastei offer enthralling views of the Elbsandstein Mountains, the Konigstein Fortress and into the Czech Republic.

    Day 8 : Prague, Czech Republic

    The main square of Prague's Old Town is a dramatic gathering of centuries-old structures including the Astronomical Clock, ticking since 1410.

    Day 9 : Prague, Czech Republic

    Few cities embody the past as authentically as Prague, the Czech Republic's atmospheric capital.

    Day 10 : Prague, Czech Republic

    In addition to medieval architecture, Prague is a rich repository of Romanesque, baroque and Art Nouveau buildings that stir the imagination.

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    10 Days
    Cruise Ship
    Viking Beyla
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    Day 1Berlin  
    Day 2Berlin  
    Day 3Wittenberg  
    Day 4Wittenberg  
    Day 5Meissen  
    Day 6Dresden  
    Day 7Saxon Switzerland  
    Day 8Prague  
    Day 9Prague  
    Day 10Prague  

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    October 22, 2025Category A$5,699.00 (USD)Quote
    October 22, 2025Category AA$8,999.00 (USD)Quote
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    November 01, 2025Category B$5,299.00 (USD)Quote
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    November 01, 2025Category AA$8,499.00 (USD)Quote
    November 11, 2025Category E$3,799.00 (USD)Quote
    November 11, 2025Category D$4,299.00 (USD)Quote
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    November 11, 2025Category AA$7,999.00 (USD)Quote
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